Not Your Average Joe

The Journey From Being Ordinary To Extraordinary!!

Hi! My name is Joseph Harris and I am what many would call a "FOODIE". i am not a chef but am what I consider to be a "Not Your Average Joe" Cook! This passion of food began while watching my Grandmother (affectionally know as "Gaggie") cook amazing meals for her catering business early in the morning. Its not surprise now how much I enjoy food. But whats different is I not only enjoy eating it, but what I enjoy mostly is the experience that accompanies food and all that it brings (fellowship, laughter, intense flavor, culture, and most importantly LOVE). I have a deep yearning and desire to share this culinary passion with as many people as possible. I've often heard ALOT of people say "Oh I wish I could make something like that" or "This is too hard, I don't have time to cook, blah blah blah…!!". If thats you, my desire is to reach out to you and give you hope that you not only can cook amazing dishes but will do it and enjoy it as well. I am designing this site to not just only teach you how to cook but to show you so much more because there is always more to learn. Join me on this amazing culinary journey of life, passion, and love and become the next "Not Your Average Joe!!"